Research Students

Orlando Loques          May 1980 to Dec 1983

“A Fault Tolerant Distributed Computer Control System”

Ph.D. awarded in March 1984.

Jeff Magee                     Nov 1979 to Feb 1984 (Part time)

“Provision of a Flexible Distributed Computer System”

Ph.D. awarded in July 1984.

Ricardo Anido             Oct 1984 to Dec 1988

“A Software Architecture for Selective Fault Tolerance in Distributed Systems”

Ph.D. awarded in September 1989.

Naranker Dulay            Sep 1984 to Dec 1989 (Part time)

“A Configuration Language for Distributed Programming”

Ph.D awarded in April 1990.

Jaelson Castro              Oct 1986 to Oct 1990

“Distributed System Specification using a Temporal-Causal Framework”

Ph.D awarded in January 1991.

Sati Sian                           Jan 1987 to Apr 1991 (Part time)

“Learning in Distributed Artificial Intelligence Systems”

Ph.D awarded in October 1991.

Orly Kremien                 Jan 1988 to Mar 1992 (1 year part time)

“The Design and Evaluation of Adaptive Load Sharing Algorithms for Distributed Systems”

Ph.D awarded in June 1992.

Keng Ng                           Mar 1987 to Apr 1992 (Part time)

“Visual Support for Distributed Programming”

Ph.D awarded in August 1992.

Markus Endler             May 1989 to Nov 1992 (External supervisor/examiner (“Gutachte”) at T.U.Berlin)

“A High Level Language for Dynamic Configuration”.

Ph.D awarded in December 1992

Shing Chi Cheung       Mar 1989 to Mar 1994 (Part time, except last 18 mths)

“Effective Behaviour Analysis for Distributed Systems”

Ph.D awarded in March 1994.

Costas Karagiandis    Oct 1990 to Jun 1994

“The Design of Network Information Services for Mobile Computers”

M.Phil awarded in September 1994.

Celso Hirata                 Oct 1992 to Sep 1995

“Modelling and Programming Support for Parallel Discrete Event Simulation with Time Warp”

Ph.D awarded in Nov. 1995.

Andrea Zisman           Oct 1994 to Jul 1998

“Information Discovery for Interoperable Autonomous Database Systems”

Ph.D awarded in August 1998.

Kaveh Moazami Goudarzi        Oct 1992 to Mar 1999 (1 year full time, thence part time)

“Consistency Preserving Dynamic Reconfiguration of Distributed Systems”

Ph.D awarded in March 1999.

Dimitra Giannakopoulou        Oct 1994 to Mar 1999 (Part time)

” Model Checking for Concurrent Software Architectures”

Ph.D awarded in March 1999.

Nabor Mendonca                        Oct 1995 to Sep 1999

” Software Architecture Recovery for Distributed Systems”

Ph.D awarded in November 1999.

Roberto Rodrigues                     Jan 1997 to Jun 2001

” A Framework for Analysing Workflow Systems”

Ph.D awarded in December 2001.

Sebastian Uchitel        Apr 2000 to Mar 2003

“Elaboration of Scenario-Based Specifications and Behaviour Models Using Implied Scenarios”

Ph.D awarded in 2003.

Siv Sivzattian                (Second supervision with B. Nuseibeh) Part time to August 2003

“Linking the Selection of Requirements to Market Value: a value-based approach”

PhD awarded in 2003.

Stewart Green              (Second supervision with A. Finkelstein) Part time to August 2004

“A Synthesised Approach to Goal-Oriented Requirements Engineering”

PhD awarded in 2004.

Lucio Duarte                (Primary supervision with S. Uchitel)

“Behaviour Model Extraction using Context Information”

PhD awarded in 2007

Andrew McVeigh        (Joint supervision with J.Magee)

“A Rigorous, Architectural Approach to Extensible Applications”

PhD awarded in 2009

Daniel Sykes                 (Joint supervision with J.Magee)

“Autonomous Architectural Assembly and Adaptation”

PhD awarded in 2010

Paulo Maia                   (Joint supervision with S.Uchitel)

“Improving the Accuracy of Probabilistic Behaviour Models using State Refinement”

PhD awarded in 2011

German Sibay             (Second supervision with S.Uchitel)

“Synthesis and Distribution of Modal Transition Systems from Triggered Scenarios”

PhD awarded in 2013

Pedro Rodrigues       (Second supervision with E. Lupu)

“Compositional behaviour and reliability models for adaptive component-based architectures”

PhD awarded in 2015