Below is a list of recent research publications and brief summaries. A complete list can be found in my CV, on DBLP and Google scholar.


  • G. Casale. Accelerating Performance Inference over Closed Systems by Asymptotic Methods. ACM SIGMETRICS, full paper to appear in June 2017.
    • Novel exact and asymptotic expressions for the normalising constant of closed multiclass queueing networks enabling optimisation-based statistical inference.
  • J. F. Pérez and G. Casale. LINE: Evaluating Software Applications in Unreliable Environments. IEEE Transactions on Reliability, full paper to appear in 2017.
    • A tool for layered queueing network reliability analysis in stochastically-evolving environments
  • K. Molka, G. Casale. Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation and Provisioning for In-Memory Database Clusters. IFIP/IEEE IM, full paper to appear in May 2017.
    • An energy-aware consolidation algorithm for SAP HANA in-memory database clusters



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