Use the links on this page to download the various applications developed as part of the group’s research efforts. Broadly, they fall into the following categories:

Policy-based Management and Ubiquitous Systems

  • Ponder2 is a policy interpreter for autonomous ubiquitous systems.

Software Engineering Tools

  • LTSA – Labelled Transition System Analyser. LTSA is a verification tool for concurrent systems.
  • LTSA-PCA: An extension to LTSA for Compositional Reliability Analysis.
  • MTSA – Modal Transition System Analyser. MTSA is an extension to LTSA aimed at modelling and analysing partial behaviour models.
  • WS-Engineer – Service Compositions. The LTSA WS-Engineer plug-in is an extension to the LTSA Eclipse Plug-in which allows service models to be described by translation of the service process descriptions, and can be used to perform model-based engineering for architecture, orchestration, choreography and deployment scenarios.
  • SceneBeans: An Animation Framework for JavaSceneBeans is a Java framework for building and controlling animated graphics. It removes the drudgery of programming animated graphics, allowing programmers to concentrate on what is being animated, rather than on how that animation is played back to the user. SceneBeans is based upon Java Beans and XML. Its component-based architecture allows application developers to easily extend the framework with domain-specific visual and behavioural components. It is used in the LTSA tool to animate formal models of concurrent systems and has also been used to build computer-based education programs for junior science.
  • The Software Architect’s Assistant. The Software Architect’s Assistant is a visual environment for the design and development of Regis distributed programs. It provides the user with automated, intelligent assistance throughout the software design process.

Darwin Tools

Note: These tools are no longer supported and may not work

  • The Darwin Configuration Language. Darwin is used by many projects to specify system architectures in terms of components and their interconnections.
  • The Java Darwin Framework. The Darwin Framework is a Java based darwin compiler. This is currently an unsupported work in progress.
  • The Regis Distributed System. Regis is a programming environment for constructing distributed programs and systems. (Unsupported) ports of the system exist for Sparcs and Sun-3s running SunOS (4.1) or Solaris (2.4), HP 9000s running HP-UX (9.03) and PC compatibles running Linux or NetBSD.