Current Projects

Allow Ensembles

An EU funded  project to develop a new design principle and establish a new foundational framework for collective adaptive systems (CAS) based on the concept of cell ensembles for construction of large-scale socio-technical systems which tightly interweave humans and their social structures with technology.
Contact:  Naranker Dulay

CoCo Cloud: Confidential and Compliant Clouds

The project aims to facilitate data sharing in cloud environments by providing end-to-end data centric security from the client to the cloud based on the (semi-)automated enforcement of Data Sharing Agreements. These agreements may reflect legal, contractual or user defined preferences, which may be conflicting and thus an appropriate balance and model for their enforcement must be found.
Contact: Emil Lupu

Catalysing economic growth: releasing the value of big data

How will Big Data affect innovation, growth and well-being in the UK economy? By Big Data we mean very large or complex datasets that are constantly accumulating in society because of the dramatically increased ability to sense, capture, store and analyse information about social, economic, or scientific phenomena. We anticipate that Big Data and associated analytics may ultimately transform how societies and communities view themselves, and how governments, large corporations, and entrepreneurial startup companies relate to those populations. Therefore it is essential to consider how Big Data might contribute to economic growth and generate opportunities for innovation for UK companies. The project is funded by the EPSRC (Grant No: EP/K039504/1).
Contact: Emil Lupu

Intel ICRI Sustainable Connected Cities Institute

Collaboration between Intel, Imperial College and University College to enhance the social, economic and environmental well being of cities by advancing computer, communication and social constructs to deliver innovations in system architecture, algorithms, and societal participation.
Contact: Julie McCann

FUSE- Floodplain Underground Sensor Network

NERC funded floodplain Underground Sensor project’s aim is to design and deploy a high‐density, wireless, underground sensor network to quantify floodplain hydro‐ecological interactions.
Contact: Julie McCann

Smart Water

NEC and EPSRC funded project in collaboration with Civil Engineering  to examine the technologies, protocols, and algorithms that are required to maximise the usage and lifetimes of modern water networks while minimising their costs. 
Contact: Julie McCann


International collaboration which adds more expressiveness and adaptiveness to publish/subscribe communication.
Contact: Peter Pietzuch


EPSRC funded project to develop new methods for controlling sensitive data propagation within and between clouds.
Contact: Peter Pietzuch


EPSRC funded project to explore how to monitor the information flow through cloud systems to reduce the likelihood of data disclosure
Contact: Peter Pietzuch


MoD/US Army funded project to explore data stream processing in non-traditional networked environments.
Contact: Peter Pietzuch


Provides new methods for parallel pattern detection and stream processing
Contact: Peter Pietzuch


Offers transparent facilities for cloud-assisted execution to mobile applications.
Contact: Peter Pietzuch


EPSRC project which provides data centre tenants with efficient, easy and safe control of network operations. Instead of over-provisioning, we focus on optimising network traffic by exploiting application-specific knowledge.
Contact: Peter Pietzuch


EPSRC/BAE systems project which explores large scale stream data processing in cloud architectures. The aim is to investigate new data management and system mechanisms that enable elastic data processing, provisioning more resources when computing demand increases and decommisioning them when are no longer necessary.
Contact: Peter Pietzuch

Privacy Dynamics: Learning from the Wisdom of Groups

The project aims to study privacy management by investigating how individuals learn and benefit from their membership of social or functional groups, and how such learning can be automated and incorporated into modern mobile and ubiquitous technologies that increasingly pervade society. The project is funded by the EPSRC and it is joint with University of Exeter  and Open University (Grant No: EP/K033425/1).
Contact:  Alessandra Russo

Declarative Networking for Network and Security Management of Hybrid and Dynamic Networks

MoD/US Army funded project develop fundamental underpinnings for secure hybrid wireless networking that enable adaptable and interoperable communication and information services for coalition operations.
Contact: Alessandra Russo


EU project which integrates heterogeneous hardware and network technologies into data centre platforms, vastly increasing performance, reducing energy consumption, and lowering cost profiles for important and high-value cloud applications such as real-time business analytics and the geosciences.
Contact: Alexander L. Wolf


EU project providing Lightweight and Adaptable Service Technology for pervasive Information and Communication
Contact: Alexander L. Wolf

PBM-FIMBSE: Partial Behaviour Modelling: A Foundation for Incremental and Iterative Model-Based Software Engineering

EU ERC project to develop the foundations, techniques and tools that will enable the automated construction of partial behaviour models from multiple sources of partial specifications, the provision of early feedback through automated partial behaviour model analysis, and the support incremental, iterative elaboration of behaviour models.
Contact: Sebastian Uchitel