Department of Computing, Faculty of Engineering, Imperial College London, Room E254, ACE

Contact Information

Dr Pedro Baiz

AESE Industrial Strategy Chair

Pedro has a background in mechanical engineering, with an early exposure to the oil industry. After Pedro’s early work experience in industry, he went back to academia to complete a PhD in aeronautical engineering at Imperial College. Pedro then worked as a university researcher and lecturer on a variety of computational projects with companies such as Airbus and Rolls Royce at Imperial College. Pedro has a deep knowledge of advanced modelling techniques for structural engineering and data analysis, including remote condition monitoring and machine learning. Pedro has extensive experience with a variety of programming languages (e.g. Python, R), Big Data services and technologies such as Amazon Web Services (EC2, ElasticBeanStalk, Glacier, S3, among many others) and MicroService Architectures (e.g. big data analytics platforms for IoT). More recently, Pedro was a Senior Data Science Consultant at Amey Plc involved in a variety of data analytics projects with some of the largest infrastructure owners/managers in the UK (e.g. London Underground). Currently, Pedro is the co-founder and CEO of Wiscont Co. Ltd., a UK-China joint venture specialising in big data and IoT research and applications.