Sustainability & Smart Environments

Living-Lab Smart Environments

We examine the topic of sustainability primarily through our focus on low-powered sensor-based systems and our ability to lengthen their life-times though efficient energy schemes and frugal communication protocols. We also use sensor-based systems for applications that help support sustainable projects. Projects under this theme such as the Internet of Water, Wefwebs, Singapore Eco Towns and Intel Collababorative Reseach Institute in Sustainable Connected Cities and Urban IOT aim to build practical, deployed, sensor network systems to provide our multi-disciplinary research and industrial partners with data in which to understand the behaviours of their systems under focus, feed Digital Twins, and indeed to control some of those systems in a more efficient and sustainable way.

Singapore Eco Lab

Examines sensing systems to support the operation of housing development to design and maintain housing assets such as lifts, buildings, roads, water and waste

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Smart Water Projects

Examines the technologies, protocols, and algorithms that are required to maximise the usage and lifetimes of modern water networks while minimising their costs

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Developed the sensors and tools to support data and evidence around the water, energy and food systems their interactions and dependencies for Vineyards and Wineries

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ICRI Sustainable Connected Cities Institute

Enables future cities to be more connected and sustainable to enhance the quality of life of urban inhabitants and city visitors

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