Infrastructure-less Sensing

Crowdsourcing & Opportunistic Networking

Opportunistic Networking employs the ubiquity of mobile devices existing in an environment to allow the communication of sensor data via opportunistic relay. Crowdsourcing data means that we request that people are able to report information (pollution levels, level of lights etc.) and where we wish to direct people to obtain specific information we implement Crowdtasking (go for a run to the market square and record sound levels). For the individual’s willingness to do this is considered, as is rewards for doing so, but not at the cost of their privacy. Therefore, our work here brings network science principles and Lyapunov optimization together with models, such as socioeconomics and incentivisation, gamification, mechanism design and privacy preservation

Human-Centric Sensing

Achieving flexible, economical, and large-scale human-in-the-loop sensing, such as mobile crowdsensing

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OrganiCity is a service for experimentation for people to collaboratively create digital solutions to urban challenges.

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Data Mules

Optimising the performance of mobile devices in relaying sensor data from sensors to required destinations

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