“AI in Cardiac Imaging” conference

January 16, 2019 | London

Register hereThe SmartHeart programme grant is organising a one-day conference to bring together international leaders and researchers in machine learning, computational imaging, cardiac imaging and cardiology. This “AI in Cardiac Imaging” workshop will feature high-profile invited speakers, posters and demonstrations from industry, academia, and clinical settings to give an overview of the clinical challenges, disseminate the latest advances in cardiac imaging and AI, and how these can be combined to create a personalised diagnostic tool for cardiovascular diseases.


  • AI for cardiac image acquisition and reconstruction
  • AI for automated cardiac imaging and QC
  • AI for cardiac image analysis and diagnostics
  • Extracting quantitative biomarkers using AI
  • Mining population and cohort studies using AI
  • Multi-modal (imaging, text, omics) AI approaches
  • AI-based decision support for CVD
  • Explainable and interpretable AI
  • Translation of AI-based solutions into the clinic


This conference is targeted towards cardiologists and radiologists using or interested in becoming involved with AI approaches to MRI and PET/MRI, biomedical engineers (working in industry and pre- and post-doctoral students) interested in machine learning, and information and data scientists interested in how AI can be used in diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases.


  • Rajarshi Banerjee, Perspectum Diagnostics
  • Alireza Sojoudi, Circle Cardiovascular Imaging
  • Tim Leiner, UMC Utrecht
  • Alistair Young, University of Auckland
  • Declan O’Regan, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
  • And many more…


Prince Philip House
3 Carlton House Terrace
London SW1Y 5DG, UK


Registration is free but spaces are limited.

The registration deadline is 30 November 2018. To register click on the link below:


Register here


MedIAN, the Medical Image Analysis Network,  are sponsoring five travel grants – worth up to £175 each – for early career researchers who cannot obtain funding for travel to this event.

If you do not work/study/live in London and would like to apply for this financial support, please email contact@median.ac.uk by 30 November for further information.

For more information about MedIAN, and to join their mailing list, visit https://www.median.ac.uk/