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I am Professor in Machine Learning for Imaging and Kheiron Medical Technologies / RAEng Research Chair in Safe Deployment of Medical Imaging AI. I am co-leading the Biomedical Image Analysis Group, lead the HeartFlow-Imperial Research Team and I am Head of ML Research at Kheiron.

My research is at the intersection of medical imaging and artificial intelligence aiming to build safe and ethical computational tools for improving image-based detection and diagnosis of disease.

Opinion piece
In AI development, equality starts with a mandate for fairness and inclusivity

Jones et al. (2024) A causal perspective on dataset bias in machine learning for medical imaging

Research article
Roschewitz et al. (2023) Automatic correction of performance drift under acquisition shift in medical image classification

Research article
Glocker et al. (2023) Risk of Bias in Chest Radiography Deep Learning Foundation Models

Castro, Walker, Glocker (2020) Causality Matters in Medical Imaging

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