Fly Fishing

Atop Agnes Lake trail, Montana

I am an extremely keen fly fisherman, focusing almost exclusively on trout, preferably wild.  I particularly enjoy stalking trout with the aid of polaroids.

I tie my own flies and am a big fan of the Caucci/Nastasi style of tying for dry flies and emergers.

I fish mostly on the chalk streams of Southern England, particularly the River Test and its tributaries, and the freestone rivers of Western Montana and New Zealand’s South Island.  I also enjoy some stillwater fishing, especially when fish can be spotted.

I use barbless hooks exclusively and am a proponent of catch-and-release.

Big Fish on Small Flies – the ‘200’ Club

Catching big fish on small flies is both challenging and rewarding, so here’s a rewarding challenge: multiply the size of your fish, in pounds, by the size of the hook you used to catch it.  Can you get to 200…?!