Research interests

  • Policies for Network and Distributed Systems Management: specification and analysis of management and security policies, role-based management and access control, policies for quality of service management.   See Ponder2 Toolkit
  • Ubiquitous Systems: Privacy, trust and security; autonomic and adaptive management, healthcare applications
  • Distributed Systems Management: issues relating to management of large inter-organisational distributed systems – monitoring, specification of management policy, security and  configuration management.
  • Tools and techniques for building distributed systems: architectures, programming languages, configuration of heterogeneous systems, distributed operating systems and communication mechanisms; dynamic configuration, multi-agent systems.

Recent Research Projects

  • EPSRC WINES Homework:  Shaping Future User Centred Domestic Infrastructures (Collaboration with Nottingham and Glasgow)  Completed Feb 2012
  • EPSRC AEDUS: Adaptable Environments for Distributed Ubiquitous Systems – Platform grant for Distributed Software Engineering Group, completed July 2012
  • EPSRC Cityware: Urban Design and Pervasive systems (Completed Sep.  2009)
  • IBM ITA: International Technology Alliance in Network and Information Sciences, TA2 Security
  • IST 7th Framework Allow: Adaptable Pervasive Flows, Start Feb. 2008
  • EPSRC PRiMMA: Privacy Rights Management for Mobile Applications, Completed March 2011
  • BAE Systems: SEAS DTC CC02 Self-Managed Mobile Cells (Completed July 2009)
  • EPSRC CareGrid: Autonomous Trust Domains for Healthcare Applications (Completed March 2009)
  • EPSRC BiosensorNet: Autonomic Biosensor Networks for Pervasive Healthcare (Completed March 2009)
  • EPSRC Amuse: Autonomic Management of Ubiquitous Computing for e-Health
  • EPSRC Paqman: Policy Analysis for Quality of Service Management
  • IST 6th Framework Trustcom: Trust and Contract Management framework enabling secure collaborative business processing for on-demand, self-managed, scalable, and highly dynamic Virtual Organisations (Completed May 2007)
  • IST 6th Framework DIADEM: Distributed Adaptive Security by Programmable Firewall (Completed October 2006)
  • EPSRC UK-UbiNet: The UK Ubiquitous Computing Networks (Completed August 2006)
  • DTI UbiCare: Ubiquitous Computing for Healthcare in the Community
  • EPSRC PolyNet: Policy Based Management of Adaptive Networks (Completed Feb. 2005)