Some Older Research Publications related to current interests (Pre 2008)

Publications related to Abductive and Inductive Logic Programming.

O. Ray, K. Broda and A. Russo. A Hybrid Abductive Inductive Proof procedure, Logic Journal of the IGPL, OUP, Vol 12 (4), 2004

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Publications related to LDS and Compiled Labelled Deductive Systems

K. Broda, M. d’Agostino and M. Mondadori. A Solution to a problem of Popper, Proceedings of the conference Karl Popper Philosopher of Science, Ed. M. Alai, G. Tarozzi et al, pp147-168, 2006

Krysia Broda and Alessandra Russo. Compiled Labelled Deductive Systems for Access Logic, in We will Show Them!, Essays in Honour of Dov Gabbay on his 60th Birthday, Volume 1. Eds S. Artemov et al. 2005 pdf

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 Krysia Broda, Marcello D’Agostino and Alessandra Russo. Transformation Methods in LDS in Logic, Language and Reasoning, An Essay in Honour of Gabbay, Ed. H.J. Ohlbach, Kluwer. (1999)

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Publications related to work on symbolic neural integration.

A. S. d’Avila Garcez, L. C. Lamb, K. Broda and D. M. Gabbay. Applying Connectionist Modal Logics to Distributed Knowledge Representation Problems, International Journal on Artificial Intelligence Tools, 13(1): 115-139, 2004

A. d’Avila Garcez, L.Lamb, K. Broda and D. Gabbay. Distributed Knowledge Representation in Neural-Symbolic Learning Systems: A Case Study In Proc. 16th AAAI Int. FLAIRS Conf, Florida, USA, Eds I. Russell, S. Haller, pp271-275, 2003.

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A.d’Avila Garcez, K.Broda, D.Gabbay and A. de Souza. Knowledge Extraction from Trained neural Networks: A Poisition Paper, in IEEE ICONIP99, Perth, Australia. (1999)

These papers are about programs for Teleo-reactive Agents and other miscellaneous areas.

Krysia Broda and Christopher John Hogger Abstraction as a Tool for Multi-Agent Policy Evaluation, Proc. of Symposium on Artificial Societies for Ambient Agentss, AISB Convention, 2007.

Hiroaki Kamoda, Masaki Yamaoka, Shigeyuki Matsuda, Krysia Broda, Morris Sloman, Access Control Policy Analysis Using Free Variable Tableaux, IPSJ Digital Courier, Vol 2, p 207-221, 2006. pdf

Krysia Broda and Christopher John Hogger Abstract Policy Evaluation for Reactive Agents, Proc. of 6th International Symposium on Abstraction, Reformulation and Approximation [SARA-2005], LNAI 3607, July 2005. pdf

Krysia Broda and Christopher John Hogger Determining and Verifying good policies for clones teleo-reactive agents, in International Journal of Computer Systems Science and Engineering, 20, No. 4, July 2005, CRL Publishing Ltd. pdf

H. Kamoda, A. Hayakawa, M. Yamaoka, S. Matsuda, K. Broda, and M. Sloman, Policy Conflict Analysis Using Tableaux for On Demand VPN Framework, Proc. of the Sixth IEEE International Symposium on a World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks, 2005, pp.565–569.

Krysia Broda and Christopher John Hogger Policies for Cloned Teleo-Reactive Agents, Proceedings of 2nd German Conference on Multi-agent System Technologies (MATES04], Erfurt, Germany, 2004, LNAI 3187. pdf

K. Broda , C. Hogger and S. Watson, Constructing Teleo-reactive Programs, in Proc. ECAI-2000 Berlin, Ed. W. Horn, 2000