Dates and Presentation Order


FAILSAFE will start at 9:30 on the 5th of November 2017, and is co-located with SenSys 2017.

Please come and join us for a day of presentations and discussion on
the causes, effects, and possible remedies of embedded wireless sensing system
failures. We will hear about real failures caused on read deployments, and
together discuss ways to engineer these systems for reliability.

Please note that FAILSAFE has included three papers from the Xtreme environments workshop.

Failsafe Presentations:

9:30 Topic: Radio Failures

1. Accurate Sensor Traffic Estimation for Station Groupings in Highly Dense
IEEE 802.11ah Networks
2. Tackling malfunctions caused by Radio Duty Cycling protocols that do not appear in simulation studies
3. MCGC: A Network Coding Approach for Reliable Large-Scale Wireless Networks

11:00 – 11:30 Break

4. Tales from the C130 Horror Room: A Wireless Sensor Network Story in a Data Center

12:00, Topic: Data failures

5. Issues of using wireless sensor network to monitor urban air quality
6. Understanding packet loss for sound monitoring in a smart stadium IoT testbed

1:00-2:00 Lunch

7. Relative Localisation Algorithm for Neighbour Classification in Ad Hoc
Networks of Moving Robots

2:30 Topic: Failures caused by the Environment

8. On the Experiences with Testbeds and Applications in Precision Farming
9. Trials and Tribulations of a Sensor Networks Deployment on Fort Sumter National Monument
10. Tales from the Wild: Lessons Learned from Creating a Living Lab

4:00 Panel discussing deployments and reliability.

5:30 Close.

We will start at 9:30am on Sunday the 5th of November in room H 38,
in the The Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management which is at Jaffalaan 5, 2628 BX Delft