Call for Papers

Do you research or deploy Wireless Systems and Networks (WSN) for a living? Have you ever deployed a WSN in the wild? Has anything ever gone wrong? If so, this workshop is for you!

We want the story of your WSN deployment, and the problems that you faced. We want to hear about the failures and problems that you faced during your deployment of experiment.

The FAILSAFE workshop will provide a forum to discuss the difficulties and
challenges of deploying embedding wireless sensor systems in the wild. We seek submissions that describe problems and failures of real deployments of wireless sensor systems. Accompanying these should be data to illustrate the failure, a diagnosis of what the problems were, and how they were remedied, or what lessons were learned for the future.

Other approaches could be an account of deployment failure that lend to the development of a testing or validation methodology that has been adopted and used to prevent further deployment failures. Of special interest is any example of an embedded wireless system deployment suffering failure or poor performance due to malicious or nefarious activity (jamming, hacked nodes, etc).

Papers describing and presenting data of problems and failures of experimental efforts, practical experiences, and industrial and commercial developments in all aspects of sensor networks, mobile devices, and wireless communication are solicited. Within this domain, particular topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

• Failure and the diagnosis of an actual deployment of mobile apps, net-
works and systems. Must include some data and analysis of what caused
the failure.
• Examples of a deployment that was tested, and failed due to unexpected
circumstances. The testing methodology must be presented and discussed,
as well as how it failed to account for the phenomenon that caused the
failure, and a potential solution described.
• Testing frameworks or verification methodologies that have arisen out
of sensor system deployment failures, and are currently used to prevent
similar failures of wireless sensor systems.
• Monitoring tools or control systems that have been used in actual deployments and have been used to detect and diagnose node or system
performance issues or failures.
• Any documented examples with data showing the effects of a malicious
or nefarious attack on a deployed embedded wireless sensor system.

Potential workshop dates. Actual dates subject to change.

Submission Deadline, 15th of November 201922nd of November 2019,  23:59 AOE
Notification, 10th of December 2019
Final Version Due, 20th of December 2019
Workshop, 17th of February 2020

The organisers of FAILSAFE recognise that some information from deployments may have a sensitive nature or be under a non-disclosure agreement. In these cases, it is acceptable to anonymise any information as long as it does not inhibit the point or issues being presented in the work. If you have any queries about this at all, please contact the general program chair Michael Breza ( for further advise and clarification.