Java Modelling Tools

Java Modelling Tools is a performance modelling suite for capacity planning and system performance prediction. The suite is based on queueing network models. It features, among others, an advanced discrete-event simulator for queueing models and Petri nets  (jSIM) and mean value analysis algorithms (jMVA).


Line is an efficient parallel solver for layered queueing network models, which can be integrated with the Palladio Bench suite used for performance analysis of Palladio Component Models (PCM). Line can numerically compute percentiles of response times for service-level agreement (SLA) assessment, describe uncertainty about an operational environment using random environments, and solve models with a parallel solver for multi-core.


KPC-Toolbox is a MATLAB toolbox for fitting empirical datasets into a class of stochastic processes known as Markovian Arrival Processes (MAPs). MAPs can fit non-exponential and long-range dependent time series data.  Given a time series, KPC-Toolbox automatically returns a MAP that fits statistical descriptors such as moments, correlations, and bi-correlations.