Dr Usman Adeel

X-PhD student

Usman Adeel is a third year PhD student at AESE group, Imperial College London.
He received his BS and MS degrees from Fast-Nu and GIK Institute respectively.
He found the concept of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) very interesting because unlike most computers, which work primarily with data created by humans,sensor networks reason about the state of the world that embodies them. He worked on data-centric storage in WSNs during his Masters.
His research interests include Self Organizing Networks ,Mobility in WSNs and Routing for optimized data transfer in opportunistic Networks.
Currently he is researching on exploitation of mobile nodes (Mules) in duty-cycled WSNs to achieve low-latency and maximize the lifetime of the network. He is working on extraction the mobility information from the network and utilizing it efficiently for data transfer.

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