Mr Fengrui Shi

Research Assistant and PhD Candidate

Fengrui is an RA on OrganiCity and is researching the OppNet service therein.

Mobile crowdsourcing is redefining future smart cities. Smart citizens begin to engage in a so-called co-creation process by sharing individual resources such as information, data and computing power. His current research is focused on studying fundamentals issues in such a co-creation process. He builds mathematical models to understand the dynamics in mobile systems so as to better utilize human power to collect information, understand data and optimize resource allocation. He tackles problems in terms of mobility, connectivity, security, resource utility and economic benefits using rigorous quantitative techniques such as combinatorial optimization, machine learning, statistical inference, stochastic optimization, and mechanism design. Five peer reviewed papers and technical reports have been published and four are currently under review. He is also affiliated to Intel Collaborative Research Institute to work on novel ideas for sustainable and collaborative cities.

In order to better grasp the world outside academia and research, he has actively gained professional experiences by working for companies in different industries. He was a part-time consultant of Imperial Consultants, which provides consultancy service to important industry players. He worked for Siemens Building Technology in Switzerland to design and implement its first communication system for smart buildings, which brings new momentum to the Internet of Things (IoT) industry. He worked in a student group on Mckinsey projects to tackle cases in business technology practice. He was also a data analyst at Investiere, which is the largest venture capital platform in Switzerland offering investment/funding opportunities for start-ups.

Before Imperial, He obtained MSc in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology from ETH Zurich where he studied computer engineering with a focus on mobile systems. He has a BSc in Electronics & Information Engineering from Zhejiang University.

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