Cardiac Image Analysis

(a) Cardiac MR cine image sequence.

(b) Probabilistic label map estimate.

(c) Segmentation of the myocardium.


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Application of Image Analysis to Clinical Research

(a) MR late-gadolinium enhancement map of the left atrium, red colour denoting scar regions.

(b) Eletro-anatomical voltage map of the patient, acquired from NavX.

(c) Fusion of MR and voltage data.


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Motion Correction for Respiratory PET Images

(a) NCAT phantom with a lung lesion (blue).

(b) Simulated PET image without motion correction. It is difficult to spot the lung lesion.

(c) After motion correction, it is much easier to see the lung lesion (red arrow).


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Microscopic Image Analysis

(a) Automatic segmentation of dendritic spines (green) and dendrite centrelines (red) in microscopic neuron images.

(b) The spine length measurements resulting from the automatic segmentation are very close to the manual measurements. The automatic method can greatly increase the efficiency of microscopic neuron image analysis.


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