Dr Marc Deisenroth

Marc is PI of the SML group and Lecturer in the Department of Computing at Imperial College London. His research centers around data-efficient machine learning for robotics, control, time-series analysis, and signal processing.

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Dr Senanayak Sesh Kumar Karri

Sesh is a Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence research fellow for the Trust and Transparency project at the Statistical Machine Learning group, Imperial College, London. He has previously worked on structure learning of graphical models and submodular optimisation. He is now primarily interested in fairness, privacy and transfer learning etc.

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Mr Ben Chamberlain

Ben is interested in applying  Bayesian graphical models at scale to data that describes human social interactions. He is also broadly interested in machine learning methods, distributed computing and big data technologies.

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Hugh Salimbeni

Hugh is a PhD student, working Gaussian processes and their hierarchical extensions. He is interested in variational inference and big data applications.

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Mr Sanket Kamthe

I did my undergraduate degree in Electronics and Telecommunications from University of Pune (2008), India, after which I worked in Telecom (2008-2010) and high energy physics (2011). I obtained my MSc in Information and Communication Engineering from TU Darmstadt, Germany (2013) and then worked as a Marie Curie research fellow in University of Twente, Netherlands before joining HiPEDs CDT program at Imperial.

For my PhD I am focusing on statistical machine learning methods for robotics and control. I am interested in using Gaussian Process based methods for non-parametric data modelling.

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