PhD Positions

Currently, SML have no direct funding for PhD students. However, we encourage exceptional students with a strong background in

  • Machine Learning
  • Mathematics (probability theory, matrix algebra, statistics, optimization…)
  • Robotics
  • Control

to get in touch with Marc Deisenroth to investigate scholarship options.

There are no more openings for starting in 2019.

Post-doc Positions

If you want to propose a collaboration based on an externally-funded post-doctoral scholarship, please get in touch with Marc Deisenroth. Here are some potential funding schemes:

Undergraduate Researchers

Imperial College offers the UROP programme for undergraduate research. Exceptional students who (a) are interested in a focused research project in statistical machine learning and (b) do not require a work visa for the UK should get in touch with Marc Deisenroth.

PhD Funding Opportunities

Funding for students from the EU or with a UK background (e.g., UK citizens or EU citizens with a 3-years UK degree) is relatively easy to find. For other students the situation is a bit more difficult, but not unsolvable. Here are some funding opportunities (for 2015/16). Please check your eligibility.

About Imperial College and the Department of Computing

Consistently rated amongst the world’s best universities, Imperial College London is a science-based institution with an outstanding reputation for excellence in teaching and research. Imperial College is located in the center of London, with Hyde Park, Royal Albert Hall, and many museums next door.

The Department of Computing at Imperial is one of the largest computing departments in the UK and a world leader in academic research in computer science. There are over sixty academic staff who are actively involved in research. This creates a lively and stimulating atmosphere in which to study Computing and ensures that our teaching is bang up to date. We also enjoy strong links with UK industry, which helps to ensure that our research and teaching are well informed and relevant to the needs of society. The Department has been awarded the top rating in each of the Research Assessment Exercises (RAEs), Research Excellence Frameworks (REFs) and Teaching Quality exercises, undertaken by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE).