1) Title: System Architect of the Verification Platform for Petble’s Cloud and Mobile App
2) Description of Tasks and Areas of Expertise
Nowadays, pets are part of many people’s lives. In the US, over 65% of households own at least a pet in 2015. In Hong Kong and mainland China, the number of pet owners has increased dramatically in recent years with many young couples opting for having pets rather than children. Unfortunately, with busy schedules, pet owners can easily overlook health problems of their pets. This motivates us to start the Petble project. Petble aims to leverage sensors, Internet of Things (IoT) and big data technologies to help pet owners to monitor their pets’ health 24/7. The first two products for Petble are 1) an activity tracker and 2) a smart feeder. The former uses g-sensors to compute the activity level of a pet while the latter uses an electronic scale to monitor the food consumption. Both devices can send the sensory data to the Petble app via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Afterwards, the smartphone will upload the data to the cloud for data analyses. If any abnormal condition is spotted, the corresponding owner will instantly receive a warning notification so that quick and appropriate actions can be taken. In the future, we will continue to add more devices to the Petble’s ecosystem. Our ultimate goal is to provide a comprehensive online health consultancy service to all pet owners.

Initially, Petble is composed of three separate pieces of software: 1) a cloud analytic platform implemented on Amazon Web Service, 2) an iOS mobile app, and 3) an Android mobile app. A technical challenge is to verify the correctness of this cross-platforms distributed system. In addition, the complexity of the problem will continue to increase with Petble supporting more features and devices. To mitigate this problem, we plan to implement a verification platform that combine both regression testing and non-regression testing methodologies to ensure the correct implementations of new features without introducing bugs to existing features. During this internship, the student will be responsible for designing the architecture of this verification platform and helping out its implementation.
3) Background and Skills Required
SGI Venture Limited (www.sgi-venture.com), which is a joint venture of three Hong Kong companies including Suga International Holdings Limited, Globaltec Electronics Limited & iMusicTech Limited. We are committed to design, develop and manufacture specialized IoT gadgets that are controlled via mobile apps. In recent years, the company has been focusing on developing pet-related products. As a Hong Kong-based technology company, we welcome students originally from Hong Kong to join our company for internship.
Suitable candidates shall possess strong software engineering and analytical skills. Moreover, deep understanding of various testing methodologies is a must. As mentioned, the Petble system is composed of three separate pieces of software developed in different programming languages. The cloud analytic platform is developed with a combination of PHP and SQL. The platform is deployed on the Amazon Web Services platform. The corresponding Android and iOS apps are developed natively in Java and Objective-C respectively. Therefore, candidates who have experience in these development platforms will be in advantage.

4) Location: Hong Kong SAR
5) Duration: 2016/7/1 – 2016/9/30 (application deadline: 2016/5/31)
6) Contact Information: alfred.ng@suga-electronics.com