Below is a list of recent research publications and brief summaries. A complete list can be found in my CV and on DBLP.


  • L. Zhu, G. Casale, I. Perez. Fluid Approximation of Closed Queueing Networks with Discriminatory Processor Sharing. Elsevier Performance Evaluation, to appear.
    • A method to approximately analyse closed queueing networks where some nodes use DPS scheduling


  • X. Wu, F. De Pellegrini, G. Gao, G. Casale. A Framework for Allocating Server Time to Spot and On-demand Services in Cloud Computing, ACM Trans. on Modeling and Perform. Eval. Comp. Sys., to appear.
    • A new framework to provision spot and on-demand resources in cloud computing.
  • S. S. Gill, P. Garraghan, V. Stankovski, G. Casale, et al. Holistic Resource Management for Sustainable and Reliable Cloud Computing: An Innovative Solution to Global Challenge, Journal of Systems and Software, Elsevier, May 2019.
    • The paper presents a holistic resource management method for cloud systems taking into account reliability and energy efficiency.
  • A. Gias, G. Casale, M. Woodside. ATOM: Model-Driven Autoscaling for Microservices, in Proc. of IEEE ICDCS, 11 pages, Jul 2019.
    • The paper presents an auto-scaling method for microservices based architectures.
  • G. Casale. Automated multi-paradigm analysis of extended and layered queueing models with LINE, in Proc. of ICPE, 2019. Best Demo Award.
    • This a demo paper presenting version 2.0 of the LINE solver.
  • G. Casale, P.G. Harrison, O.W. Hong. Novel Solutions for Closed Queueing Networks with Load-Dependent Stations, Proc. of MAMA workshop 2019.
    • This is an extended abstract presenting new exact and approximate results for the analysis of load-dependent closed queueing networks.


  • R. Buyya, S. N. Srirama, G. Casale, R. Calheiros, Y. Simmhan, B. Varghese, et al. A Manifesto for Future Generation Cloud Computing: Research Directions for the Next Decade, ACM Computing Surveys, to appear.
    • The paper surveys open and future problems in cloud computing to define a research agenda for the next decade.
  • W. Wang, G. Casale, A. Kattepur, and M. Nambiar. QMLE: a Methodology for Statistical Inference of Service Demands from Queueing Data, ACM Trans. on Modeling and Perform. Eval. Comp. Sys., to appear.
    • A methodology to infer service demands at resources based on queueing data.
  • D. Tamburri, G. Casale. Cognitive Distance and Research Output in Computing Education: A Case-Study, IEEE Trans. on Education, to appear.
    • A study on cognitive distance in doctoral education that hinders the quality and variety of research outputs from doctoral students.
  • S. Dipietro, R. Buyya, G. Casale. PAX: Partition-Aware Autoscaling for the Cassandra NoSQL Database, in Proc. of IEEE/IFIP NOMS, Apr 2018.
    • An autoscaling algorithm for runtime control of the Apache Cassandra NoSQL database.
  • G. Casale. Analyzing replacement policies in list-based caches with non-uniform access costs, in Proc. of IEEE INFOCOM, Apr 2018. Best-in-Session Presentation Award. [acc. rate: 19.2%].
    • Exact and approximate performance analysis of multi-level caches with first-come first-served and randomized replacement policies.




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