PhD students

If you are a prospective PhD student interested in cloud computing, enterprise performance engineering or mathematical foundations of these areas feel free to contact me to check for openings in my team. I always welcome emails from potential students. There are several possible sources of funding to cover PhD fees and bursary. My team is part of the AESOP group, which offers a vibrant collaborative environment to undertake a PhD. I routinely collaborate with large multinationals and I am also interested to support industry-sponsored PhDs (e.g., CASE awards).

Some recent and ongoing PhD projects in my team include:

  • Alim Gias: Anti-pattern analysis in software systems.
  • Ahmad S. Alnafessah: QoS monitoring and anomaly detection for Spark applications.
  • Lulai Zhu: Fluid performance modelling.
  • Salvatore Dipietro: Resource management in NoSQL databases.
  • Karsten Molka: Performance and cost optimization of multi-tenant in-memory database clusters.
  • Weikun Wang: Data-driven software performance engineering.

I welcome the possibility to discuss research ideas with PhD applicants. A non-exhaustive list of project subjects I would be interested to supervise is as follows:

  • Machine-learning methods for management of enterprise and data-center computing systems.
  • Blackbox optimization methods for system auto-tuning.
  • Capacity management in stream processing systems and Apache Spark.
  • Business process optimization via simulation, analytical modelling and numerical optimisation.
  • Matrix-geometric methods for closed queueing networks.
  • Statistical inference of performance and reliability metrics for distributed systems from Big data.

Please feel to propose alternative research ideas, these are just suggestions!

PhD scholarships are available. Please contact me directly for additional information. You should include with your email a CV and a copy of your Master’s thesis.

Postdoctoral research associates

If you are seeking for a sponsor for a Marie-Curie post-doctoral fellowship, EPSRC postdoctoral fellowship. or other externally-funded positions, please feel free to contact me. See the SPANDO project for a Marie-Curie fellowship I recently sponsored.

Undergraduate students

Are you a UK-based undergraduate student looking for a Summer research experience? UROP is a programme to involve undergraduate students in research. You receive a bursary to spend a few weeks working with a research group at Imperial College. Students can be at any year of their studies and this is often a good experience to learn if research is a career option for you. I am open to sponsor UROP students, please get in touch with me to discuss opportunities.