JMT 0.9.4 Released!

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Oct 252016


* Patched templates download at the first run
* Improved the display of windows and dialogs
* Updated the unit tests for JSIMengine
* Fixed miscellaneous bugs in JSIM and JMCH

* New components: Semaphore and Scaler
* New queue strategies: Random, SJF (Shortest Job First) and LJF (Longest Job First)
* Enabled memory size setting for FCR
* Changed the CSV separator to a comma according to the system locale
* Added statistical results to the XML output file generated by command line execution
* Implemented Petri Net components in source code (not exposed in GUI yet but coming soon in version 1.0.0!)

JMT 0.9.3 Released!

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Apr 142016

The JMT team at Politecnico di Milano and Imperial College London have released the latest version of Java Modelling Tools! You can download JMT ver 0.9.3 at this link. The JSIMgraph simulator has a more powerful support for fork-join strategies and runs much faster on models with several queues.

JMT 0.9.2 released!

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Oct 132015

After a long wait of more than a year and a half, in which the JMT teams at Politecnico di Milano and Imperial College London worked a lot on improving the tool, Java Modelling Tools version 0.9.2 has now been finally released!

A list of new features and changes from the previous release is available on the Sourceforge download page.