The Horizon 2020 ENHANCE project has to overall objective to develop and demonstrate new concepts to enhance and train upper extremity motor function during daily-life in people with physical disabilities using multi-modal intention decoding with robotic augmentation.


Toyota Mobility Challenge
We aim to provide a hands-free, “interface-less” wheelchair navigation system by incorporating eye tracking with autonomous vehicle technologies for a seamless urban mobility. Along this journey, Toyota Mobility Challenge – Discovery Award has been pivotal in acquiring the necessary equipment, but more importantly enabled us to bring the diverse skillset on board. With a diverse team, including not only engineers, but also neuroscientists, behaviour experts and disabled members, we are developing a solution that can readily benefit the potential users in their daily lives.

Co-creation has been integral to our development process in tackling the problem of wheelchair mobility for severely-disabled users. As we iteratively advance our design, we work together with our end-users at every milestone to ensure that our solution significantly improves the users’ quality of life.

Toyota Mobility Challenge – Discovery Award