From computing resources and sensors, to 3D printers and robots, our lab works with state-of-the-art equipment. The following are the facilities we have available:

Our lab

Most of our experimental research is done in our lab in the Royal School of Mines, part of Imperial’s South Kensington campus. Here, we have the following equipment:

  • The Universal Robots UR10 robotic arm
  • Eye-tracking units from Tobii
  • Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headsets
  • fNIR
  • EEG
  • A custom-made virtual reality rig for psychophysics experiments
  • OptiTrack motion capture sensors and software
  • Workstations with high-end research GPUs, including a (or two?) Nvidia Quadro (GP100?)
  • ??

And beyond

Beyond that, we benefit from the strong research infrastructure provided by Imperial College, including

  • 3D printing facilities
  • A private cloud for the group’s file storage
  • Access to HPC facilities in the form of three supercomputers and various smaller computing clusters
  • Further EEG and MRI facilities in collaboration with the Department of Medicine