DMDA – Digital Media

May 2018 - April 2019

DMDA - Digital Media Data Analytics is a 12-month project that addresses the needs of the media industry's big data and media supply chain management requirements. Currently, the broadcast and film sector require a range of hardware and software for handling their large data and content libraries. These libraries contain media assets and files of different types along with their associated metadata. The data is often stored disparately across multiple business and technical systems on various types of hardware, and as new requirements, metadata and format demands increase for various geographical regions handling and processing this data quickly, efficiently and cost effectively has become a serious problem.

Three Media Associates currently supply software to handle and produce such content and associated metadata for the media sector. This project goes beyond handling the current data amounts and looks to address the future needs of these clients. Three Media Associates have identified a way to apply Machine Learning and Data Analytics to better manage, simulate and optimise their clients' workflows using big data assets.

DMDA will see Imperial College London apply their expert knowledge of data analytics and optimisation techniques so that Three Media Associates' products have the required speed to quickly and efficiently model, simulate and optimise these complex workflows. This will provide a toolset for the digital content processing sector to quickly match workflows to the multiple and often conflicting business and distribution needs based on available global technical and human resources, driving large time and cost efficiencies.
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