Dr Yad Tahir

PhD Student

+44 (0) 7965 288278

I am studying for a Ph.D in the Adaptive Embedded Systems Engineering group at Imperial College. The objective of my research is to examine fairness in distributed embedded systems specially wireless sensor networks (WSNs) and internet of things (IoT). A node in a modern wireless sensor network is required to perform multiple tasks. Each task may have different demands for each resource. My research interests mostly lie in ensuring balanced usage of different resource types in memory-constrained devices.

I am originally from Iraq. I received a BSc in computer science from the University of the Sulaimani. During my BSc, I spent four years working as programmer at IraqCom company in Sulaimani, Iraq. I also have a master degree with distinction in Software Engineering from Heriot-Watt, UK. I am always inspired by sensors and little wireless gadgets. How they can communicate with each other to form Internet of Things (IoT) and usually like to play with Arduino and Contiki boards. Starting from creating small temperature sensors and ending with providing new APIs to open source communities.



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